Friday, September 14, 2012

The case of the missing soap

Could it be? I got a normal night of sleep for 2 whole nights in a row?

*cue the choir*

It IS.

Sweet Mother of God, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It's amazing what a little sleep can do to your psyche.

Anne as well was in good spirits this morning and danced the morning away with her little music machine. I'm really hoping that I have a future dancer on my hands; the costumes, the recitals. *squeals!* I just can't wait for that stuff.

So, when I got to work this morning, I was in good spirits. I'm ordering my new belly dance costume tonight (tough for us to spare the money in our entertainment budget, but I consider it an investment in my happiness, and it's worth it) and I was just feeling chipper. I made myself some tea and got to work on a lesson plan. Shortly after that, I made the subsequent necessary trip to the ladies room on my floor.

Here's where the saga begins. Yes, in the ladies room. I don't know why, but cleaning is a huge, huge problem at the university that I work in. It's just...bad, really bad. Awful, even. On the weekends, things get downright scandalous.

Since Monday, we have had no soap in our ladies room. I waited a day, figuring help was on the way. No soap. So the next time I went down for tea water, I asked our assistant if she would call facilities to alert them to the problem. She furrowed her eyebrows and said that someone had already complained and so she had already placed a request with them. She thought the problem had been solved. Thus, she resolved to contact them about it again right away. Fab.

Another day goes by. No soap.

Now, seriously. I'm not saying we all need to scour our skin off after using the restroom, but warm water and soap is just a basic cleanliness necessity. The warm water is also a problem, since we have those newfangled "improved" sinks with sensors for the water to turn on. And the water is *never* warm. But that's another story entirely. Soap, that's all I ask.

The next day, my office neighbor stopped by to gossip with me about the ladies room situation. She said that our assistant had placed yet another request for soap, and that she thought she would call facilities herself to up the ante. Our walls are paper thin here (I mean, I can bless people when they sneeze; I also know more about their private business than they'd like me to, I'm sure. But hey, they should talk quieter) so I could hear that she in fact called facilities and very sternly explained the situation.

This morning, we both received a message from our wonderful assistant, asking after the soap situation. My tea had kicked in, as I mentioned above, so I headed right off. I used the facilities. Confidently, I strode to the sink, wet my hands, and pressed the soap dispenser.

No soap came out.

For the love of all that is holy, what is going on?! Is it *really* that difficult to replace soap? It's not as if they are telling us that they are out of refills and are working on getting more. They keep telling us that they put soap in, and yet there is no soap.

Either there is a nefarious soap thief in the library or someone is not being truthful. Either way, it's very annoying.

Here's hoping for soap on Monday. But we have a lovely weekend planned, filled with trips to a local cider mill and football viewing. The weather is supposed to be turning crisp again tomorrow and naturally, I can't wait to knit during this transformation.

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