Monday, September 24, 2012

New year of Children't Liturgy, and is there a sock heaven?

This Sunday was the first installment of Children's Liturgy of the Word for the new school year, and the appointed catechist was none other than yours truly. I'll admit to dreading it just a hair, because there had been some challenging weeks leading up to the summer hiatus (Palm Sunday being a "highlight") and I had contemplated resigning from the program in lieu of volunteering for a different ministry.

But alas, here I am, all catechized and about to share with the children again. I prepared my lesson and prayed for the best. And you know, it went well. I had a smaller group (about 10 children) mostly consisting of school aged kids with just 2 squirmy pre-schoolers in the mix. The kids stayed mostly interested (at least the older ones) and I always try to add in interesting and amusing side stories when I can. It was a big relief to have the first week go so well. I'm back on duty in 3 weeks.

In other news, my falling leaves socks are no more. Friday night after dance class, I gleefully pulled them apart and re-balled the yarn. I threw the pattern in the garbage. Emotional gauge based on so much work going out the window?: Total joy. I'm SO relieved to not have to work on them anymore. I cast on for a pair of simple anklets, and life is grand.

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  1. Many blessings for sharing your time and your gifts to the children in your parish.


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