Monday, September 17, 2012

Is there a graceful way to describe: "feels like a worn out dish rag?"

Probably not. Unfortunately, Anne is back to actively sprouting teeth and consequently woke each night this weekend. She looks all adorable poured into her sleepers from last winter, but all the same, I'd rather not cavort with her until morning. Just trying to hang in there. There must be an end in sight.

In good news, we have soap in the ladies room again on my floor. Apparently it just takes five attempts to procure said soap. But we'll take it.

I also received my new advent wreath over the weekend. Hank and I unpacked it and he immediately asked if he could keep it in his room. :) How precious is that? He loves seasonal traditions and decor, just like me. But no, we won't be keeping the ceramic wreath and lit candles in Hank's bedroom. I repacked it and it's awaiting it's December 2nd debut.

I have a long week ahead at work and I'm just trying to endure it. Tonight is the parent orientation at Hank's school, and although I'm anxious to meet his teacher, I know that by 7 pm tonight I'm going to look like something the cat dragged in. I'll do my best. But me in my jammies tucked under the covers can't come soon enough, I tell you.

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