Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anne's world: 16 months edition

Anne is just a little firecracker these days and is clearly the most social person in the entire family. She has a sassy little personality in a small body, but everyone knows what's on her mind, let me tell you. Let's flip through a tour of Anne's abilities these days...

Things that Anne can climb:

(1) Every table in the house.

(2) It goes without saying, the stairs, at rapid fire speed.

(3) The walls (if provided with a boost from an accommodating piece of furniture).

She will dance to:

(1) All music on my Workout playlist, and most Middle Eastern music.

(2) The paging "beep beep beep!" on our cordless phone unit.

(3) Her white noise machine "heartbeat" setting.

She is morally opposed to:

(1) Sitting in her high chair to eat.

(2) Laying in a prone position on the changing table.

(3) Keeping socks on her feet.

She will often protest:

(1) Sitting on your lap for any length of time.

(2) Eating the thing that was perfectly palatable to her a few days prior.

(3) Wearing pants.

When angered, she is likely to:

(1) Scream.

(2) Kick.

(3) Slap her toy puppy dog.

This morning I was feeling particularly vulnerable after a long night of Anne wakefulness and refusal to go back to sleep. As I prepared to leave for work, Mike was vacuuming the upstairs, so I popped Anne into her crib with a few toys so she would be safe until Mike finished up. He turned off the vacuum to say goodbye to me. As I leaned into his very welcome hug, I hear him say over my shoulder:

"Anne! Get your leg off of that crib rail!"

Sweet mother of God. She's *already* trying to climb out of her crib?! Anybody know of a good crib roof thing?!


  1. lol, I think her and Annamarie would be best of friends and do havoc on the world. They sound eerily similar.

    Annamarie's in a pack and play, but when we move I plan on just teaching her to use a toddler bed, because I don't think a crib will contain her monkey abilities.

  2. i was happy this morning when someone on facebook gave me my morning laugh. Now that I'm getting ready to leave work, you've given me a laugh to end my day! Thanks!


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