Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures in Henry's room

"Mommy, would you help me set up my army village?"

"Well, sure Sweetie, but only until Daddy needs me to come get Anne from her bath."

"Ok. I'm going to set up the good guys. You can set up the bad guys."


*I frown at the various little army men and start lining them up depending on whether they are standing, kneeling or laying down*

"Um, no Mommy, this guy goes over here."

*CL sees no difference between this and the way I just had him, but whatever*

"Ok Honey."

*resume lining little men up*

"Um, Mommy, no that guy goes like *this*."

Ah ha.

"Actually Mommy, why don't I do this myself?"

The child is just like me. I feel like saying the exact same thing anytime I ask him to do a chore.

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