Friday, June 24, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #54 - Prayer life routine in the midst of the whirlwind...

Hi all! Welcome to a cathartic summer edition of:

Today I talk about the whirlwind activities going on in my life right now, and how I long for the solace of a prayer routine in the midst of it. Organization, sometimes I miss you so much. *heart*

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Items mentioned in this episode:
Have any ideas, my friends? I would love to hear about your prayer routines in your own domestic monasteries!


  1. I hear you. My summer job doesn't start until the K-12 kids get out of school, which means I have a solid 5 weeks of no routine, and nothing gets done (including prayer). Finding a prayer routine for this summer has been harder than past and I'm not quite sure why. Praying for prayer intentions with you ladies has helped me keep up with some form of prayer the past nine days. But that's about all I've done. With work starting up again, I need to find a new structure that will work for me. I would like to start saying night prayer again. Maybe I'll try to add that in this week.

    Also, Moroccan oil is amazing. :0

  2. HI SAM!! I totally, totally get it. It's so easy to have happen, and it seems like it goes in ebbs and flows for me. I love your Night Prayer idea. SO super soothing, and not very time consuming at all!


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