Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Let's get reading for June!

Hi guys! I am literally overwhelmed today, I have a big event for work, so not a lot of blogging time. I did, however, want to check in with you real quick and make some summer reading plans.


I heard back from a few of you about finishing up Church of Spies. Several votes were cast for finishing in June, and a few indicated that they were fine extending into July if need be. I'll be honest: I'm worried about being able to finish the whole thing in June. :0 So my initial thought was to extend into July. BUT, I just brainstormed with Cristina concerning the summer fiction book she and I are reading together for Planned Not Scripted. And so I have modified my initial leanings a bit. Here's the scoop:
  • We will finish up Church of Spies in June, and discuss on Wednesday, June 29th. That gives us four full weeks to finish the remaining chapters, which are chapters 6 through 26. Multiple people noted how much faster the book reads as you get further into it, so I think this is doable. #hopespringseternal
  • The next book club over here at Life of a Catholic Librarian will be in the fall. I'll put up a poll in midish August for voting, and we'll start reading in September!
  • The summer fiction book has been chosen over at Planned Not Scripted! We're calling it the Late Summer Book Club, and the selected title is the historical fiction The Summer Before the War. Click over to our podcast blog, linked above, for all of the details and to purchase the book! 
  • We won't be starting to discuss The Summer Before the War until July, so this (a) gives you plenty of time to request it from your local public library if you prefer, and (b) finish up reading Church of Spies before you dig in! See, see, see how clever we are, we planned this out right and good. ;-) 
  • The way the Late Summer Book Club will work is that each month for July, August and September we will have a segment in our Planned Not Scripted podcast that will be devoted to the book. The podcast always comes out during the second week of each month. 
Whew, I think that's everything. Who's reading along with me, and for which books? Church of Spies, The Summer Before the War, or both?! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I'll be attempting to read along for both! :)
    And I like this plan! It seems very well thought out. ;)

  2. The book club schedule worked out perfectly. I'm kinda glad that Church of spies will be done before it is time to start The summer before the war, which looks interesting. I've requested The summer before the war from the library and I hope it gets to me before July. If not I'll try playing catch up in August. Hope your work event went well.

  3. Hi Sam! YAY! So glad to have you aboard for the entire summer. :)

  4. Hi Melanie! So thrilled that you'll be reading with us for the entire summer as well! We have lots of lead time, so hopefully the copy at your library will come available this month. 3 cheers!


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