Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I think we were in danger of *actually* melting - Fun times at a summer hafla...

Happy Wednesday all! I am home today with a sick little girl. In fact, we're both feeling decidedly under the weather. Anne and I are both very affected by seasonal allergies, and have had sore throats for days. Last night, we had a crying spell due to a sore ear (Anne, not me ;-)) and so I schlepped her to the pediatrician this morning. Indeed, ear infection in the left ear. Poor button. We're doing lots of resting and snuggling today.

While she delights in an episode of "Shimmer and Shine," I thought I'd take the opportunity for a quick hafla recap. Those have become a biannual tradition here on this humble blog, and I always enjoy them. Plus, we have another candidate coming in to interview at work tomorrow, so my entire day will be taken up. I'm hoping to record Tea Time on Friday morning, so look for it then!

All right, soooooooo. It's June, and it's, you know, HOT. My troupe and I are very used to dancing in the heat, as I've mentioned before. Generally when this happens though, we are outside. Dancing outside has the added grossness of sun screen into the mix, but it does at least provide occasional breezes of fresh air. On Saturday evening, that was all quite different. :0

Usually we have a spring hafla, and it is in April or May. This year, due to scheduling conflicts with various dancers, it was not possible. So mid-June it was, and...


Our studio is on the second floor, and it is not centrally air conditioned. There are portable a/c units and fans, but they can only do so much against a verifiable WALL of stagnant hot air. When audience members pack in there, the heat level only rises. As for us, we were all packed into a tiny dressing room where the temperature was rising at least 5 degrees per minute, it felt.

We started with our new group number, which we were all nervous about, since we *just* finished it. :0 It went well though, so I was pleased with that. Others danced while we all changed, and my next number was my solo. Which, even after 8 years of belly dancing, I am STILL incredibly nervous about.

There is something about dancing solo that brings out a high degree of vulnerability in me. I'm certain some of you feel this way about things you're passionate about, whether they be in the arts or something else. You really put yourself out there when you present your work, and it's not easy, even when you love it. So my stomach felt like it had a hamster in a wheel running around in there, and not only that, but immediately after my piece, we had a double group number. In total, about 10 straight minutes of dancing in the heat.

Backstage, I was sweating. ;-) My hair began to curl, especially right around my face, making me look like one of those gals straight out of a Jane Austin Victorian-era novel. Not necessarily a good look in a 21st century belly dance costume, is all I'm saying. :0

But go on I must, and before long my solo music was queued up. I peeled my hair off of my back and danced out. And it went well! I remembered to incorporate in lots of new arm movements and felt pleased as punch when I was finished:

Yes, I wear a two piece costume, I hope none of you are scandalized. ;-) If you're still here reading my blog after all this time, I'm thinking you're not, so YAY!

After that, I hurried backstage, and then out again for our group pieces. As we lined up, I could FEEL sweat running down my back. SO.INCREDIBLY.GROSS. By our final troupe piece, my hair looked like a science experiment, but that point I didn't care. We had fun, and all of the pieces went very well. Our Shaabi was the bounciest effort we've given since it originated. :-)

I was VERY glad to get back into regular non-costume clothes and head out with Mike to have a drink. We all agreed - no more June haflas! Too hot. We have two more events this week: one Thursday night, indoors, and another festival on Saturday, outside. I'm certain that much sweating will ensue, but it should only be better than what we experienced on Saturday.

How is YOUR week going, dear sweet reader? I would love to hear from you!

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