Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the home of the Catholic Librarian during the wee hours of Thursday morning...

It became apparent yesterday evening that Anne wasn't cutting a late two-year molar: she was coming down with something.


Now, the poor babe. I felt terribly sorry for her as she struggled to blow her adorable little nose and generally looked like a limp noodle. But I knew what this meant...

No sleep for us. :0

It's legit and everything, but I'm better able to deal with a lack of sleep when I'm not currently sleep deprived, know what I'm saying. ;-) So, come 2 am, it's tough no matter how sympathetic the conditions. And so the night transpired as follows:

7:30 pm: Anne goes up to bed. She demands two stories instead of just one and I oblige her. I tuck her in and she seems fine, but I know that stuffy little nose is going to be trouble later on in the night. I have her blow it as best she can.

11 pm: Anne awakens and demands that Mike read her a story. He obliges her.

1 am: Anne awakens. Mike goes in and soothes. 

2 am: Anne awakens and I go in. She's terribly stuffy and miserable. I rub her back and soothe her a bit, and she falls back to sleep. Noisily.

4 am: Anne awakens. I can tell by the surly nature of her cries that the chances of her going back to sleep are approximately 0%.  I go in with my pillow so that I can sleep on the floor next to her bed, hoping this will provide the impetus for some sleep to be had by both of us. I do a soothe, and set up my pillow along with a big quilt to lay down in the small space between her bed and dresser.

"Mommy's here Honey, so everything is fine. I'm going to sleep right here next to you."

"Mommy, can I come down there?!"

"Oh no, Honey! You're nice and cozy in your bed. Mommy will be right here. There's not a lot of room down here."

*feverish little face peeks over the edge of the bed*


Well then. I could feel the love. :0 But I wasn't feeling The Sleep, that's for sure.

"It's ok, Honey, I'll come into your bed."

Within seconds I was squashed up against the wall in her twin bed, hot toddler breath on my face. Soon, lots of little body position changes were taking place, and various limbs were jammed into my rib cage.

*flashes back to being pregnant*

Not much sleep ensued for either of us, to be sure, but at least I got to lie down. And stay warm, it was ROASTING in her little room. No wonder her cheeks are always so pink. :0

She was pretty miserable by 6:30 am, tossing and turning like crazy, and so we were up for the day.

"Here Honey, let me get you dressed. I'll make you some eggs for breakfast."

"I don't WANT to get dressed!!"

It's nice to know that some things never change, yes? :0

She seemed to perk up a little after eating and having some orange juice, but she's clearly not anywhere near 100%. I'll baby her this evening lots. After that, I have late dinner plans with some girlfriends from college and thus will get a short nursemaid respite for good Middle Eastern food, wine and conversation.

Here's hoping that we get some sleep tonight.

*weak smile*

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