Friday, May 3, 2013

May is a wonderful month to be a Catholic, and other upcoming weekend shenanigans...

For those of us that grew up Catholic, May is a month of Marian crownings, First Communion and Confirmation. Lots of lovely sacraments and traditions enmeshed in here. We still have a year to go before Henry makes his First Communion, but I see it on the calendar for his school for this Saturday, and they have a May crowning next week. :) Adorable.

I'm on duty for the Children's Liturgy of the Word this Sunday, and in my quest to go out with a bang, I took the time to print out some leaflets to give to the kids about how to pray the rosary, including small photos of each mystery. I'll talk about that for a spell in addition to the readings from the lectionary. After this, I'll probably have only one more CLOW to run. I'd like to volunteer in the parish in some other way, but I'm not certain exactly how yet. I'm sure something will present itself.

In the mean time, the kids are enjoying our new springtime weather. Anne is running around in nothing but a Onesie and wearing summer jammies to bed that make her more adorable than usual, as if that was even possible. She's been particularly sassy lately:


"Anne sweetheart, Mommy is in the bathroom. Could you close the door?"


"Why don't you go see Dora?"


"YES, the Map! Go see the Map!"

"Hold that Map."

"You can see him, but you can't hold the Map, Sweetie."

"Kiss that Map."

"I'm sure he would appreciate that, Darling."

"I'm the Map, I'm the Map..."

*Anne races off, leaving door wide open*

As well, we have our hardwood refinishing coming up on Monday, and your Catholic Librarian, while remarkably level-headed and calm (*snort*), is still feeling some apprehension about the disruption this will cause to our household. Our couch is going to have to go into the garage and all of the other furniture from our living room and dining room is going to have to be smashed into the kitchen and the small office.


But the floor *really* needs to be refinished, this isn't a frivolous project. There is *plywood* in some places and paint spatters abound. This is what we found when we lifted the wall-to-wall gold carpeting after we moved in. It's a good floor that was treated very badly and it's needed to be refinished for years. I know we'll be so glad that we did it when it's finished, but it will be painful in the interim.

We're planning some family activities for the evenings next week as well as some inexpensive places to eat out. We'll see how this goes. :-\ One day at a time though, and on Monday we're taking the kids to our local golf dome. We were there a few weeks ago for a birthday party, and both children LOVED it. Nice restaurant with inexpensive but good food looking out onto the golfing, and afterward we can play mini golf while one of us chases a golf ball-wielding Anne. Good times.

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