Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New floors...

Here are the promised photos of our hardwood floor. :)

You can see all of the paint that was splattered and the plywood they previous owners inserted when they widened the entryway between living room and dining room.

Here is Anne, with the plywood. :) Can you believe that my precious baby girl will be *2* this weekend? Where does the time go?!


Another area of heavy damage, over by the fireplace.

And now for the after:

Plywood all gone. :) You can see a bit that the newer wood looks slightly different than the older, but all in all it looks worlds better.

So, so much better.

This is that area by the fireplace. You'd never know it was the same floor.

We're very, very happy. We're homebodies, and we spend a lot of time in our house, so it's nice to have it looking its best. Our new couch is coming today and we should be fully back to normal by tomorrow. We still haven't moved all of the furniture back because Mike is so worried about scratching the new floor. Isn't he adorable? I came in to find to 2 recliners, our coffee table, several lamps and the entertainment center/television all arranged carefully on the area rug on Sunday. I told him that he was precious, but that we simply *had* to find another solution so that we could live like normal people again. :) We're bound for Home Depot tonight to find some felt pads to put underneath the potentially scratchy stuff.

I'm also taking Hank to Toys 'R Us to pick up a birthday gift for Anne that he's chosen. Toys 'R Us sent her a birthday card with a birthday club voucher that we can use. It's for $3. Didn't it used to be $5? Man, everybody is cutting back. :)

But before all of these errands tonight, I'm going to confession this afternoon and taking Henry with me. This will be only the second time he's received this sacrament. He's nervous, and it's very cute. But it's so nice that I can share this experience with him now.

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