Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A return to Ordinary Time...

This isn't exactly new news, since Pentecost was over a week ago, but I was reflecting on it more this past weekend (and feast of the Holy Trinity :)). It'll be Ordinary Time now until Advent, so we have quite a long stretch ahead of us. But lots of interesting feasts mixed in there, so we'll stay entertained to be sure.

Coming off of this Memorial Day weekend, I'm feeling very reflective. I spoke a bit last week about my cousin who committed suicide very unexpectedly (not that that sort of thing can ever really be expected) and the devastation in the family that he left behind. I mentioned that we were all struggling to understand *why* he would do something so drastic. Well, I can't really go into any sort of detail, but I can say that we learned some information over the weekend and we now know why he did it. And the story isn't pleasant, as you would expect. There's nothing that we can do about it, obviously, and knowledge can be painful. But we soldier on as best we can.

In trying to see some positive, summer is approaching, which is usually my least favorite time of year (yes, I'm a freak) but this year I'm really looking forward to it. We're all prepared with our air conditioners (we finally purchased a portable unit for Anne's room, which is a big relief) so it should be fine. And I'm looking forward to lots of dance events and family gatherings. Mike and I also watch lots of good tv and movies in the summer together. :)

Oh! Speaking of dance, we're throwing around ideas for a new choreography, and I'm terribly, terribly excited. I may have the opportunity to learn to balance a candle tray (yes, just what I need, to add FIRE into the range of things that can go wrong when I dance) and/or Isis Wings. Both are new props to me, and I love learning new things. Balancing a tray is much more difficult than balancing a sword, so it would definitely be a challenge. Very, very excited about this.

But otherwise, I'm hoping just for a quiet and prayerful summer.

Speaking of praying, Pray More Novenas is slated to being the June novena tomorrow, and this year we're doing a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Join us. :)

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