Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Anne!

It's hard to believe, but my baby is two.


She had a great day. She had balloons, pizza, cake, and babies to play with. She was very nurturing with her twin cousins. She kept giving them toys to play with. :)

She received some new clothes, some books, a Dora doll and toy Backpack (which is her favorite, I think, she loves that Backpack; although inexplicably she crumpled up Map, who she is normally so loving toward), some more princesses for her Disney Princess Castle, and her own shopping cart. She had a great day.

Anne loves to be around big groups of people, so large family gatherings are a lot of fun for her. We had about 20 people stuffed into our house, but it all went great. A box of wine in the refrigerator always helps with that. :) Nobody died from fatal red velvet cupcake consumption and it was nice to be able to see everyone and talk.

And those twins. For the love of all that is holy, THEY ARE CUTE. They're over 7 months old now, and are sitting up, playing with toys, drooling, and generally trying to get into trouble as they work to get mobile. Andrew in particular (my Godson, *beams*) has eyes the size of DINNER PLATES, I've never seen a baby with bigger eyes. SO CUTE.

I'm going to be off for Memorial Day weekend, including tomorrow, so I won't blog until next Tuesday. But we'll be busy, rest assured. We're going to be taking Henry on a little day trip, visiting with some friends, picnicking with family, all that good holiday weekend stuff. I have dance tomorrow and we're going to talk about what we want to do for a new choreography, OH BOY. This could get interesting. With more space we can try out some equally large new props. Wings of Isis were dropped into the conversation, hopefully nobody will get smothered to death. Have I mentioned how much I love belly dance? It's never boring with belly dance in my life, I can tell you that.

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