Thursday, May 16, 2013

A week in review, and a weekend preview...

Things are getting back to normal in the CL household. The furniture is all moved back, the new couch is installed, the children are cavorting in the freshened space. Things are good.

In an answer to prayer, Henry is absolutely loving the Cub Scouts, and is now officially a member at our parish's pack. He's a wolf cub; did you ever?! It's just the cutest thing of all time. He now has an official tee shirt, a badge, and a handbook. He's going on his first hike on Saturday and is terribly excited. I'm SO happy that he seems to have found a niche that he likes.

Anne (who will be the birthday girl on Saturday, *sniffle*) has been talking a blue streak and seems to have mastered a new skill daily. She asked to wear a *tutu* last night and paraded around the house singing and dancing. Where did this extroverted kid come from?

My sister and the twins arrive tonight for a visit, and I'm *terribly* excited. It is going to be a packed weekend of baby squeezing, birthday partying, and belly dancing.

Speaking of belly dancing, my sword and I have been communing nightly and our rapport is excellent. A classmate of mine and I were writing back and forth to each other in a Facebook private message about the coming hafla, and she remarked "I can't wait to see you and your sword!" It was adorable, reminded me of when Claire called my sword my "dance partner," lol. Every time I practice dancing back to retrieve the sword during my number, I telepathically send him his message:

"I respect you. I'm going to handle you carefully and show you off."

I hope that means that he will remain preening on my head, but of course, there are no guarantees. But my practicing is going well. I'm looking forward to performing (or, at least, I keep telling myself that) and thus I should just relax and enjoy everything. Life is short; I shouldn't waste it being a wallflower. 

I practiced in my gold costume last night, since I haven't worn it in awhile. The usual checks were employed:

(1) stayed on body, check.

(2) modesty panels did not shift, check.

(3) no leaking beads, check.

(4) no otherwise unforeseen malfunctions, check.

All systems are a go. You can bet that I will be reporting in.

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