Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Floor update...

...for those that are fascinated with such home improvement projects. I got home yesterday all excited to see the progress and I wasn't disappointed. 95% of the large living room/dining room space had been sanded, and the plywood and other oddities had been patched with new wood.

No longer seeing all of the paint and other damage was SO refreshing. It looked really nice. And the dust really wasn't bad. They had hung sheets to block off the work space. Today they are scheduled to finish sanding the edging in the main space and sand the hall. I'm hoping that the moulding that needs to be replaced will go in today or tomorrow as well. Polyurethane coating is on schedule to begin tomorrow.

And now for the bad news. Although work is on schedule to be completed on Friday, we won't be able to move furniture back into the rooms until Sunday when the polyurethane is fully cured. I wasn't really surprised to hear this, but I'm just *dreading* figuring out what to do with the kids for the majority of the weekend until we can get the house back to normal. Considering the gravity of what I learned, I think I took it rather well. :) *gold star*

I'm just trying to take things one day at a time. Yesterday was very pleasant, with us taking the kids out to eat and a round of mini golf (Anne and I oogled the pond fish and chased after golf balls) and Mike and I watching The Bletchley Circle on PBS after the kids went to bed. Tonight, we're eating dinner over at my in-laws and I have an evening session with Claire to have her look over my sword work. So it'll be another happily busy night.

Tomorrow, Henry has Cub Scouts so Anne and I will have to find ways to amuse ourselves. Henry has been wanting to get involved in Scouts, but the troop (pack? den? Cub Scout language still eludes me) at his school meets on a day that just doesn't work with our schedule. I prayed about it for a long time and ultimately suggested to Mike that he and Hank try out the pack at our parish. Henry was worried because he won't know any of the boys there like he does at his school, but they gave it a try last Wednesday and both loved it. They're happily going back tomorrow and I'm very excited for Henry. We'll see how this continues to develop.

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