Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Potty time

My Downton Abbey discs still haven't shipped. MEWING!


I may or may not have just gone into my order and changed the shipping speed, hence paying for shipping anyway even after the order changing shenanigans of yesterday (we don't have a Prime membership. Yet). I'm denying everything. But hey, sometimes $2.98 is just worth it.

UPDATE: This morning my shipping speed moved back from "Shipping Soon!" to "Not Yet Shipped," hence my agony. In the *5 minutes* since I upped my shipping speed, it's now once again "Shipping Soon!" and the delivery date is set solidly for Monday, rather than late next week. It's very obvious to me that Amazon loves me, and knows how much I want Downton Abbey. That is all.

Anyway, potty training wasn't expected to be on my radar screen at this stage of Anne's life considering Henry would have rather died than sit on a potty until he turned 3 years old. And even then he wasn't all that crazy about it. But Anne is a completely different child. She's been coming up to me, saying "Potty!" with pleading eyes and pantless legs for at least a month now. But when I take her into the bathroom she shrinks in terror from the Big Bad Toilet. I can't really blame her. She's tiny. She could realistically fall in.

I kept putting off looking for a new potty chair, but this past week she's been bringing me one of her little "Learn New Words!" board books and pointing to the picture of the potty that is in there. Obviously, she's ready to start trying to learn.

So the hunt begins for a potty chair. I spent the quiet portions of my morning reference shift carefully examining the current potty market and looking at adorable pictures of chubby toddlers sitting on a potty while reading a book. I looked at potties shaped like frogs. I looked at potties that played music and offered a real flushing sound. I looked at potties that cheered for the baby when a "deposit" is made. Finally, I settled on a simple Baby Bjorn potty in Anne's favorite color of pink. It looks very much like the potty in her little book, so I think she'll be pleased.

I ordered it right on Amazon. It actually cost less on there than I even dreamed of spending, and it saves me from stopping at our scary Toys R Us on the way home from work today. It's due to arrive next week. We'll see how this goes.

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