Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good news

My eyes and noses have shipped. :)

Anyway, it's a good day. Henry is starting ice skating lessons this coming weekend, so we're going out to buy him skates tonight. I'm hoping that he'll really like it. I also cast on for his Finding Nemo  socks and they're absolutely adorable.This is the picture from Abi's store:

Henry's socks will be custom made to fit his foot, of course. I love knitting socks. Especially when the yarn does most of the work of making them look good.

In other exciting crafting news, the wolf pattern is now mine. I absolutely cannot wait to be united with him in the flesh. I have some gray wool in my stash that is perfect for him. And yes, I do find it amusing that my wolf will be made from sheep's wool.

I also brought down my Crocheted Softies book last night that I got for Christmas. Henry spent a solid 5 minutes looking through all the patterns before declaring that he would really like a crocheted crab and snail.

"Let me see the snail. OOhhhhh, his name is Milton?! Yes, we must make him."

Upon looking through my stash, I discovered plenty of green and cream cotton in order to make Milton come to life. Excited.

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