Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh John Paul...

"Good morning, Apple customer service, Dedrick speaking, how are you today?"

I don't know what it is about the customer service people I'm talking to this week, but they all have really interesting names.

"I'm good."

"Good to hear."

He verifies some personal identification information, including the serial number of my iPod, which is unfortunately etched in minute script on the device. This is NOT making me feel better following my traumatic eye doctor visit; I actually had to go get my new glasses in order to read it! *feels depressed* Next thing you know, I'm going to be one of those little old lady librarians who wears her hair in a bun and peers over her glasses at you.

"So how can I help you?"

"Well, I have a new 7th generation iPod Nano, and I'm concerned about the battery life. I'm not even getting 2 hours of power from it, and I'm only listening to music and podcasts, not using any of the video or Bluetooth features. That just doesn't seem normal."

"Oh no, Ma'am."

Ugh, I'm a "Ma'am" now.

"Let's go through the settings and see if we can identify anything."

We do, but we don't. Ha!

"Ok, the next thing we can try is to reset the iPod to factory settings and then reinstall the latest software. That *should* help the battery life. If it doesn't, then we'll know that the problem lies within the iPod itself."

Sounds fabulous to me. He walks me through resetting John Paul (which always sounded a little scary to me since it takes all the content off the device, but we put it back on) and tells me to keep an eye on him. If the battery continues to drain as quickly as it has been, call them back and they'll take it from there.

Happy day. I just took John Paul on my walk and I can already see a difference. Before, even that 20 minute voyage would result in a quarter of the battery life draining. Now, it was still fully charged upon arrival back at my office.

*happy sigh*

I have to admit, I'm regretting a bit not looking into getting a refurbished iPod Classic. Those have the old click wheels (how I miss thee! I HATE touch screens, which I know makes me a bit of a freak), have gigantic capacity, and are simply designed to play your music and podcasts, all with the old 30 pin system such that I wouldn't have needed that silly adapter. However, the new iPod Classics cost about $100 more than the Nanos, so they're not cheap. I *could* have looked into a refurbished or used one, like I mentioned, but who knows if I wouldn't have had problems with that as well. As long as John Paul behaves from here on out, I'll be happy.

I guess I expected this brand new iPod Nano to be much like my old one (a 3rd generation model) except with more capacity. It's not. It's much more newfangled (does using that word also make me sound old?!) and has features that I don't have any interest in using. It's biggest selling points are the 16GB capacity and its reasonable price.

We'll see. I'm feeling warmer toward him right now, let's hope this sticks.

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