Monday, November 5, 2012

Henry's 7th birthday

Henry's birthday is tomorrow (election day!) but somehow he's wound up with a week-long birthday celebration this year. Saturday, we invited all the boys from his class to our local bowling alley for a little shindig.

*hair turns gray*

I mean, they were very good. :) But being responsible for 9 rambunctious boys running around was no walk in the park. I think some people are naturally more gifted at dealing with loud herds of children. I love children, I really do, but I am not one of aforementioned gifted people. :) At any rate we survived. And stopped off at the liquor store on the way home. And the boys had a great time.

Sunday we had family over for a small pizza and cake party. More Legos were celebrated by Henry. Fun was had by all, especially Anne, who positively basks in extra attention. And so we finally unveiled Henry's big birthday gift for the year - A Fontanini nativity set, complete with the Holy Family, some sheep, an angel, the 3 kings, and a 3 kings tent.

It's *lovely*. When we plugged it in and turned on the lighted stable, Henry gasped. :) I promised him that this set was *his* and he could keep it in his room and we would add to it every year. Last year, he about keeled over from the stress of Anne messing with the Christmas decorations, including his old Fisher Price nativity set. Btw, they have a really nice combo pack now for the Fisher Price set that comes with the original nativity, the 3 kings set, and a possy of shepherds. I see a tent for the wise men in there now, along with an extra angel and a cute camel. Anyway, I digress.

Henry's new Fontanini set is beautiful. He set up the tent with the wise men lounging inside separate from the stable and the Holy Family. The next time I went into his room, the 3 kings had migrated over to the stable and were adoring the Child. :) The angel had joined them in what appeared to be a party-like atmosphere.


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