Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day!

Election day dawned beautiful here with the sun coming out for the first time in weeks. This is going to be a quick post since I'm writing between a reference shift and a class, after which I have to immediately leave to fetch Henry for an appointment with the allergist.

I don't really post on politics (in fact, I noticed that I had no previous subject tag to use with this post :)) because despite the fact that I was a political science major in college, I don't really enjoy talking about politics. I do find it interesting, however, and Mike and I have an election day tradition of, well, drinking and watching the returns come in. It's fun. He's picking up some Pumpkin Ale for us as I type. :)

At any rate, I'll be voting after Henry's appointment and I'm looking forward to a nice night. I do have dance costume updates (because, you know, that's important enough to be included in the same post as the presidential race...) but I'll save those for tomorrow. The hafla is drawing nearer! And I'm getting nervous! No matter how many times I perform, the nerves never completely cease. Which I see as ok. It means that I care. And I do, very much. So lots of dance talk to come!

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