Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anne's world: nearly 18 months

She's very into the toga look these days.

So, Anne is suddenly talking. She really says a lot of words, much more so than Henry at this same age. Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

When Anne says the following, the possibilities for what she means are:

(1) Shoes

     (a) She wants to go outside
     (b) She has taken her shoe off in the backseat and has flung it to the other side of the car.

(2) Socks

     (a) She is now barefoot and has hidden her socks.

(3) Gee  

     (a) Jesus
     (b) Cheese

(4) Ma-me

     (a) Grandma
     (b) Mailman (who she has quite a love affair with)
     (c) Magnet

(5) Da-da

     (a) Da-da
     (b) Random guy we see in the mall.

(6) Nice

     (a) She has thrown a toy on the floor with zero remorse

(7) Uh oh

     (a) She has deliberately thrown food on the ground
     (b) She has deliberately ripped something

(8) Woof woof

     (a) Dog
     (b) Any other animal

(9) Baby!

     (a) A baby
     (b) Any child under the age of 16

Never a dull moment in our house.

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