Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Sorry, what did you say?" *eye twitches*

Last night was what we call in parenting terms A BAD NIGHT. We've been having more of those of late, and combined with my allergies, my right eye is doing this disturbing twitching thing. I'm actually wearing my reading glasses today. When you see me in full librarian mode, with my glasses balanced on my nose, you know that I'm not feeling good and most likely have a headache.

Let's travel back in time together...

9:30 pm - In an exhausted stupor, I finish off my chapter from the latest Harlequin I'm reading and shut off my reading light. I immediately fall asleep.

12:30 am - What was that?! It's Anne, talking to herself. I'm un-alarmed and try to fall back to sleep.

1 am - Mike can't sleep and turns his reading light back on. Anne is still up, but isn't making too much of a fuss. I roll over to my other side.

1:15 am - What is that God-awful pounding noise? Right, it's Anne shaking her crib. Unfortunately, it's time for intervention.

1:16 am - I go in and rock Anne, who appears WIDE AWAKE. Fantastic. The cuddling is sweet, but I'm anxious to get back to bed.

1:30 am - I place Anne back in her crib.

1:31 am - All is quiet, although Mike still can't sleep. I start to doze off.

2 am - Hark. What is THAT?! It's Anne again. And she's pissed.

2:15 am - I'm pacing the nursery, Anne in my arms. When she seems to be getting heavier lids, I place her back in her crib again.

2:16 am - All is quiet, and Mike is trying to fall asleep again. I tiptoe into bed and close my eyes.

2:30 am - I hear pounding again. I get up and peek into the nursery keyhole and see that Anne is hanging out in her crib, limbs dangling through the slats, with a clear lack of intention to go back to sleep. I grab her and her lovey, and head downstairs to the couch with her, where I hope she'll doze off on my chest.

3 am - After epic failure of the couch idea, I bring Anne back upstairs and plunk her back into her crib, praying that she's exhausted enough from all these shenanigans to just fall back to sleep.

3:05 am - All is quiet, but I can't fall asleep.

Sometime around 3:30 am - I fall asleep.

7 am - I hear Henry blowing his nose. *#!$ I'm going to be late for work.

Like I said, it wasn't a good night.

Sigh. :)

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