Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm already started my Christmas shopping. No, I don't think I'm overdoing it...

This year, I've been in the holiday spirit for quite some time. Hopefully, this will carry through all the way to the actual holiday, but I'm optimistic.

Toward that end, like I mentioned before, I have already started Christmas (as well as pre-Christmas general winter gifts) knitting, and my list is trimmed down considerably from last year, guaranteeing (or at least I hope so) that I won't be a miserable, cranky knitter come Christmas day, stitching resentment into all of my handcrafted gifts. As well, I plotted some stocking stuffers for my kids, and I wanted to feature some of them today.

I'm all excited about these saint peg dolls that I bought from my friend Cam's etsy store, Sadie's Saints. (Photos below are from Cam's store; go check out her dolls!)

These are small wooden pegs that Cam has painted as different saints. If your child has a book of saints (in which the saints definitely sound pretty daring and swashbuckling) they can act out scenes with them, and place them on a shelf to admire when they're not in action. The details on these are amazing, they're just beautiful. I even bought one for myself!

For Anne, I got (the obvious) St. Anne:

And St. Therese:

For Henry, I chose St. Michael the Archangel (his wings are amazing in the back!):

And St. Maximillan Kolbe, his favorite saint:

This was a custom doll that Cam made because I asked her to! She hadn't pre-designed it.

For myself, I got Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha:

She's currently resting comfortably on my desk. :)

I just love these dolls, they're beautiful. Hank loves little figurines, so  I know he'll enjoy putting them on his bedside table. I don't want Anne to destroy hers, so I'll keep them on her shelf for a bit until she's older. But I plan to put them in their Christmas stockings, and I can't wait until they see them!

You can ask Cam to custom make you any saint that she doesn't have listed in her store, and she has packages wherein you can get a discount for ordering multiple dolls. Definitely check out her shop!

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