Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back, but feeling frantic

I was returning from our family trip over the weekend to northern Pennsylvania for a baby shower. Let's just say that at one point, when Anne was sobbing in the back from within her car seat, Mike turned to me and said:

"Remember how you wanted to drive 10 hours to Maine in the fall to see your sister? When you think about that again, just remember THIS MOMENT."

By which Mike isn't advocating that I not visit my sister, just that I should fly there on an airplane while he stays behind to care for the children. He thinks Anne just isn't ready for such a long car trip, and before this weekend, I thought he was wrong. I've changed my opinion. Sigh.

Anyway, it was tough to get a lot of knitting in this weekend, but I did do some after the kids went to bed and we were sitting around socializing. Mitten #2 just needs the finger holes (which I have discovered that I loathe knitting, but it's too late to turn back now) and my sweater is:

Almost done!

I'm on the yoke, and am 8 rounds into the colorwork. There are 17 more rounds on the color chart, and then a small color decrease chart. After that chart is done, it's to the bind off! I really hope I get everything done. I'm optimistic, but I'm cutting it a bit close.

I'll report back in tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be close to done on both projects. Lots of knitting to commence this evening.

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