Friday, August 3, 2012

The week in review...

"Hey Honey! Did you know that that cute young swimmer, Missy Franklin, goes to a Catholic school and is thinking about becoming Catholic? And that there is a Catholic from the U.S. team in the judo competition?"

"How do you always know all these cute Catholic news items and facts?"

"From my Facebook news feed. I subscribe to the Catholic News Service and our diocese. Plus, I'm friends with a couple of priests."  *beams*

"Why am I not surprised?"

So, I've been doing lots of knitting and watching of the Olympics. My sweater is still just a giant seafoam-colored tube, but I'm within a single inch of the armhole shaping. I'm really getting there! In mitten world, mitten #1 is mercifully complete. I'll cast on for #2 today.

In a move that has endeared this yarn shop to my very heart, Jimmy Beans Wool came out with a limited edition Olympics colorway for 3 weights of the Lorna's Laces yarn that they carry: fingering/sock, worsted, and DK. The promotion is called "Medal Madness" and for each medal that Team USA wins, they lower the price of the yarn. Obviously, it won't ship until after the Olympics are complete, but you can pre-order now. I mean, how fun! The yarn is, well, let's just say a *hair* more expensive than what I usually pay for a single skein, but this seemed like an exception. One skein will make a pair of socks, and I figured I could make myself a commemorative pair of socks for my first Ravellenic Games. I excitedly pre-ordered a skein of the sock weight and I can't wait to receive it.

Hence, I am now obsessed with Jimmy Beans. My heart still belongs to Knit Picks, but Jimmy and I have started meeting on the side. I have a feeling that our illicit relationship will reignite on the first of each month when he releases the next new limited edition colorway in the Lorna's Laces yarn. It feels a bit scandalous, but it's just between you and me, ok? I *heart* you, Jimmy.

In news of people who are not feeling so sunny, Anne decidedly woke up on the wrong side of the Pack 'n Play this morning. She whined around the house while we ate breakfast and when I offered to pick her up, she came next to me only to throw herself to the ground and attempt to yank the tablecloth clear off the dining room table. When I held out her bottle to her, which almost always soothes her, she walked from clear across the room to *slap it*. She also roughed up her poor little barking puppy dog when he didn't respond to her demands. I think somebody is getting yet another new tooth. Sigh.

Henry's Fontanini nativity set finally came. If you ever order Fontanini stuff, use the main web site for the company, rather than any other small distributor. The set I ordered for Hank took forever to arrive, and when it did, the company I purchased it from had stuffed the boxes into a shipping box that they barely fit in, so they were damaged. The products are fine, thankfully, but the boxes look like somebody beat them up. And you want the boxes to store the stuff in each year. I was a bit disappointed about that. The main Fontanini store that I linked to is awesome. I helped my mother-in-law order some additional stuff for Henry from them (some shepherds and camels that she wanted to get him) and she received her items within 5 days and in tip top packaging.

At any rate, I did get a good price, and the set is beautiful. I also got him the 3 kings and their "tent." The company gave me a free angel because of the lengthy delay in shipping, which is actually quite nice. So, he's going to have a beautiful set this year. I can't wait to give it to him in November.

I hope that everybody has a great weekend. :) It's August, which I much prefer over July. The anticipation of fall is in the air, no?

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  1. Tiff, be sure to double-check the yardage on the Lorna's Laces. I haven't gotten any of their sock yarn for a while so they may have changed the size of the skeins, but in the past it came in 50 g skeins.


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