Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My sweater is...

...about half done. :) I'm on the waist shaping increases, heading rapidly towards the bust and armholes. I'd say I'm about 40-45% done.

My mittens, on the other hand, could use some TLC. They are officially classified as "fingerless," as in they don't have full fingers. But these mittens do have finger "openings" if you will, individual ones for each finger. And knitting each finger is pretty fiddly with my long double pointed needles. We're getting there though. I had to pull back the pinky because I didn't like the way it turned out, and now it looks much better. I also knit the ring finger hole and that one seems fine (using Mike as my model).

Ok, fellow knitters, I need your opinion. I'd like to experiment (after the Olympics :)) with toe up socks knit 2 at a time. Who has done this and do you prefer it over knitting socks from the cuff down one at a time?

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