Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Sweetie, what's that smel..." "NOTHING!"

In the spirit of my knitting Olympics, I finally blocked a bunch of colder weather items that have been sitting on top of our radiator since approximately March. Blocking means simply soaking them in cold water with some wool friendly wash and then laying them out to dry flat in the shape that you want the item to be. Wool is an amazing fiber. When it is wet, you can shape it however you like, and it will dry to those exact specifications. It's like clay. It also wicks moisture while you're wearing it, and keeps you exceptionally warm.

So, I blocked my sweaters, and set them out to dry on our bedroom floor. There aren't a lot of other places I could be doing this, you see. Our house isn't small, but nor is it large. And with Anne running around, there aren't many spots that I can have things lying out that I don't want chubby little fingers to get into. So our bedroom floor it is.

A few nights ago, I walk into our bedroom where Mike is already tucked into the covers, reading a book. From the doorway, I can see his nose twitching. I quickly set to work getting dressed for bed, acting completely innocent, as if it didn't smell like a pack of soggy dogs had run through our bedroom just moments before.

"Sweetie, what's that smell in here? Is that your...sweaters?"

"Well, yes. It's just wet wool, it'll go away."

"I hope so." *brows creased*

And unfortunately for Mike, that same scene was repeated the next night because my blocking backlog was so vast. He survived.

I knit 2.5 more inches on my sweater and am now ready to increase. Go Team Knit Picks Lovers!

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