Friday, July 27, 2012

And so it begins...

Today is the big day, and I'm busting my buttons I'm so excited. I have to swatch at knitting lunch today (that's considered "training" and ok to do prior to the start of the Games) and then I'll be all set to cast on later today.

I'll be posting about my progress, so you'll learn lots and lots about the sweater making process, bet you can't wait. By next week at this time, I hope to be well through the body (this is knit from the bottom up), including waist shaping, and nearing the division of front and back toward the armholes. As the second week gets to halfway, I need to be at the yoke colorwork, otherwise I won't make it. To post my project to the finish line, I need to have it bound off with all ends woven in by 7 pm EST on Sunday August 12th. I think I can do it, I really do. And if I finish early, I have a project lined up for the Mitten Medley. Because I'm just that crazy.

And yes, crazy people like me can enter events after the Games begin, so long as it's a fresh project you didn't start before the Opening Ceremonies. The key is *finishing* new projects prior to the end of the final day.

I've always been a person that likes having a goal as motivation, and knitting provides lots of those for me. There's always a new challenge in technique or approach to try, and new exciting projects to move on to. It's such a wonderful, wonderful craft. I used to solely crochet, and I still do crochet sometimes. But knitting has taken over as my first crafting love, and I'm so grateful for it.

Update to be posted Monday after my first weekend of Sweater Triathloning. :)

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