Monday, July 23, 2012

Another year of VBS, and some baby knitting...

This morning I dropped Henry off for his first day of Vacation Bible School at our parish. He acted a bit shy, but was happily playing Bible Bingo when I left. The theme this year is national park-related, and Henry's age range is the beaver group, how cute is that?

Mike was relieved to have his mornings free for five days, so I'm happy that this eases his load a bit. Well, "free" as in one less child running around, but he still has Anne, who is a full fledged terror at this point. If it can be climbed, she will climb it. And probably fall off of it. And when you forcibly take her off of it, she will whine and complain and cry all the day long. She's been very challenging of late. VERY CHALLENGING.

As for me, I can finally post my baby knitting, since my sister's baby shower was this past weekend. I made 2 hat and sweater sets, one in pumpkin and one in blueberry:

A Dreamcatcher Baby Blanket:

And 3 sets of matching bibs and wash cloths with animals on them, like this duck set:

I had fun.

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