Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adventures in my yarn stash, and what's new with Anne?

So, Anne. She's weaned. It's definite this time. When I think about it I start to cry, so I try to focus on the positives. She wasn't interested in nursing anymore, and nursing should be a mutual desire between you and the child. She was ready to let go. Just because I wasn't doesn't mean that I should press her on it. So I let it go. But it hurts.

She's very independent these days, and this is translating into some serious sauciness. All of a sudden, if you pick her up and she wants to stay put, she throws her head back, kicks her legs, and squawks. Hand her something she doesn't want? She *slaps* it away. Poor Sophie the giraffe received such treatment this morning. She's still my precious sweet pea, but definitely a sassy one these days.

Yesterday, I brought her into our all purpose guest room/office with me while Mike and Henry attended his swimming lesson at the local YMCA. She's usually not allowed in there during the day, because this is where we keep things that we don't want her to touch. The room is nice because it's on the first floor, so it's very convenient, we can close the door to keep the baby out, and it just provides us with nice extra space. I keep my yarn and knitting needles in the closet in this room. The closet is also home to several belly dance costumes, a sword, an iron, a yarn swift and winder, and our vacuum cleaner. Like I said, multi-purpose.

I'd been dying to get my hot little hands on my yarn bins for some time. I've been itching to sort through things and see what I had in there so I could start planning for holiday gifts. I know what I have set aside for large items like sweaters and shawls, but I also have lots of leftover partial skeins and such that I knew I could put to use for other projects. In particular, I am in need of several colors of cotton, and I felt certain I may have some of them buried within the bins. I wanted to get all the partial skeins together into bags sorted by fiber. This = Type A, I know.

So, I let Anne in there, and immediately she began a bonanza of pulling DVD's down off of the shelves in there, but oh well. I got the bins out and began to sort. Wool, alpaca, silk and blends of this ilk in one bin, cotton and acrylic and blends with these in another. All the little partial skeins were placed into large Ziploc bags together, cotton in one, wool in another.

We'll just say that the wool bin is, ah hem, full. The cotton and acrylic bin actually had a luxurious amount of space in it. I was able to get rid of some things that just weren't doing it for me anymore, and I felt very proud. I discovered several cotton skeins that I can put to use right away with my holiday project ideas.

Pleased with my results, I hid PLACED the bins back into the closet. I'm all excited now about my holiday knitting. It's all very secretive, so I can't reveal anything about it for quite some time. And I know you're all just *dying* to see it, but alas.

It'll only get better when I can actually knit without sweating, but we're getting there. Still no rain.

*huffy sigh*

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