Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mass with Anne

I was anxious about taking Anne to church with me by myself yesterday evening, but I have to say, it went very, very well.

This parish has a cry room and while still small, is much larger than the cry room at our old parish. And we were the only ones in there. Anne played very happily with the St. Joseph board books I had brought for her (these are wonderful, I got them for Hank and he always loved them too as a toddler) and danced to the hymns with abandon. They weren't exactly rockin' hymns, but no matter. I brought some milk for her and a baggie of Cheerios which I handed out very sparingly. This kept her happy for the duration of Mass.

When we got out, the air was cool and I was relieved to have navigated the experience on my own. One would think I had never done this before, sigh. I did it with Henry every single week since the time he was an infant. I think the issue now is that the thought of taking *both* children with me is very daunting. One on their own is fine, but both just makes me want to gouge my own eyeballs out.

We'll get there. But I should start going to the vigil more so that I can take Anne with us regularly.

I'm scared. :)


  1. Bet Henry would love to be a "big brother helper," especially if he can dole out the cheerios!

  2. It does seem that it would be challenging with two children and being just one person with two hands! I'm glad Anne was occupied with some good books, and you might be on to something with going to the vigil. (FWIW my sister and her boyfriend, who is not Catholic, wound up sitting in the cry room at a local parish while visiting my family, and they behaved well too, ha ha.)


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