Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy feast of the Assumption

Happy feast of the Assumption everybody! I think that this one of of my favorite holy days, not only because it's in honor of Our Lady, but because it falls at a nice time of year. The worst of the summer heat is (usually) behind us, and the fall is approaching.

I'm going to Mass this evening with Anne. This is a rather big event, because I very, very rarely bring Anne to Mass. I feel a bit guilty about this, but she's always napping when I go to Mass Sunday mornings. I could sometimes go to the vigil, but by that time she's usually cranky. I figure that she's at a tough age for Mass attendance anyway, and when she drops her morning nap I'll start bringing her every week.

That's all well and good, but I was excited for the opportunity to bring her with me for a holy day Mass. Henry has a birthday party to attend tonight, and Mike is bringing him. So I'm toting Anne to Mass. My parish only has a 7 pm Mass this evening, so I found another nearby parish with a 5 pm installment. Anne's bedtime is 7 pm, and Mike and Henry won't be home yet at that time.

We'll see how it goes. Hopefully she won't launch any Cheerios at anybody. She's pretty sassy these days, that Anne. This particular parish has a cry room, which has its good points and bad. The good is that one doesn't have to worry about their toddler being totally silent during Mass. The bad is that I always feel so separated from the congregation secluded back in the cry room and I really don't like it. The other bad is that people without young children always sit in the cry room and then I feel self conscious about my aforementioned sassy toddler making noise. I have to ask: why do people do this? What on earth could be gained by sitting in those awful little rooms without the impetus of a small noisy person who will otherwise embarrass you in public? I just don't get it.

Anyway, after we get back, I'll make a nice dinner of whatever the heck I want (usually an omelette; I'm nuts and love breakfast for dinner) and then Anne and I can relax until it's time to put her to bed.

Then I will knit and be merry.


  1. my mom used to sit in the cry room...the smell of perfume triggers migraines. the mass she went to was early morning so nobody was in there. if someones perfume was getting to her she'd sit in there. its why i rarely wear any.

  2. Well, that certainly makes sense. I wouldn't have even thought of that!


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