Thursday, June 7, 2012

What was that that just flitted through the living room?!

Last night I was enjoying something that rarely happens: the house to myself. I always prefer having Mike there with me, but he wanted to go have a beer and watch some hockey with a friend, so I had to content myself with knitting and watching a Sister Wives marathon on-demand. Whenever Mike isn't there, I try to watch things that he would rather die than watch. :)

As I knit, I waved away an annoying little winged insect. I didn't think twice about it, because you know, I'm pretty clueless. It seemed to be drawn to the lamp next to me, and as long as he wasn't bothering me, I wasn't bothering him.

This morning, I got a sickening sensation in my stomach: this insect was small, flitty, and had wings. Oh.My.God. A MOTH!! MY YARN, MY PRECIOUS YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I was knitting with acrylic (making a baby item, and easy care is a must) so he was thwarted on that count, but, well, I have a LOT of yarn. A LOT. And Knit Picks just had a sale, so I'd just unpacked 3 sweaters worth of yarn. (seriously, you can't pass up a $20 sweater made from real wool). Not to mention the yarn I already have stashed. There's some acrylic and cotton in there, but I'm a wool girl, so I have Peruvian Highland wool, Merino and Merino superwash, Alpaca (will the moths eat this too?! *hyperventilates*) and all assortment of wool blends: silk, nylon for socks, cashmere, and other funsies. I keep my yarn in 2 plastic containers with lids, but the sale yarn wasn't fitting in there so good. Well. Given the moth invasion, I marched into the stash and stuffed it inside.They're a bit bulging, and not exactly airtight, but all yarn is securely snapped into a container.

All the while, I was panicking. Was some of the yarn already infected? Would it contaminate OTHER yarn?! The possibilities were horrifying.

I hurried over to Mike and explained the upsetting situation.

"I saw a moth last night."


"I mean, a MOTH."

*crickets chirp*

"You know, they eat *wool*. They will eat my yarn!!!!!!!"

"OOOhhh. Yes, and we certainly have a lot of yarn, don't we?" *smirky smile*

"This isn't funny. Keep an eye out for it. Immediately kill it if you see it."

"Ok, Sweetie."

"I haven't seen it again, but still. It wasn't big though, like traditional moths. It was tiny. But it had wings!"

"It was tiny? It couldn't be a moth then. At least not the kind that go after your clothes/wool."


My prayers have been answered. Now if somebody knows otherwise, that in fact there does exist a small species of moth that will go after my precious wool, keep it to yourself. We don't need me having a breakdown over here. But if you have moth prevention techniques that don't involve stinky moth balls, have at the comment box. :)

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  1. Cedar also protects wool :) It smells way better than moth balls! You can buy little chips of it, even at Walmart


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