Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Henry starts soccer

Henry's last day of school is tomorrow, and Mike (my superhero) will then have both children home with him full time for the summer. He's not teaching again until the fall.

Thus, we were on the lookout for a few activities to keep Henry's interest engaged. He's not the easiest child to keep entertained. He could go non-stop at an amusement park for an entire day, get home, and announce:

"What are we doing next? I'm bored."

So, we signed him up for soccer, figuring it would be something fun for him, and a way for him to burn off some energy once per week. Last night was his first session, and I had to stay home to put Anne to bed. He arrives back home just as I'm finishing up watching my second episode of Sister Wives on demand:

"Hi Honey! How was soccer?"

I notice right off that he's wearing a new jersey sponsored by a local coffee shop chain, and he looks adorable.

"It was great, Mommy. We played sharks and minnows."

"Oh. Were you a shark or a minnow?"

*blond eyebrows furrow*

"I was both, Mommy."

Clearly, I know nothing about soccer practice.

"Oh, ok. Well, did you really like it?"

"I did. There were older boys there, and they were playing a REAL GAME."

*eyes wide*

He's very cute. And he made me very happy the other day by inquiring whether or not he was staying at his Catholic school for second grade (he is) and announcing that he was very happy about it. He received an award at the final assembly for "Most Improved Student." It was a bit of a tough adjustment for him at first, but I'm so, so happy that he seems very happily ensconced there now.

We just have to get through the summer...

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