Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm still alive

Got through my big dancing night, and I didn't brain anybody with my cane. I call that a successful belly dancing night with props.

It was a really great night. I was nervous (I know I didn't smile during the sword number, because my cheeks would start to quiver, so I figured looking stoic was better than looking stupid) but really, it went great. The sword number was first, so I got a big more relaxed after that. I would have preferred to have led off with the cane, since I was most nervous about that one, but alas.

So anyway, before our sword number we all had a small glass of a chilled wine called Relax Riesling, so it seemed pretty appropriate, no? So, we drank and belly danced, yes. But it was about more than loosening up a bit; it was HOT on Saturday, and although the studio is air conditioned, it's small and had a good number of people smushed into it. Plus, the changing area is NOT air conditioned, so we were all quite hot. This made looking fresh and cute a bit of a challenge but we persevered.

So, without further ado, the first nerve wracking moments of getting the sword balanced on my head:

And then, happiness when it actually stays and I'm successfully dancing:

Then came the cane number, which went as well as it could have. That one still feels a bit "off" to me, like we haven't fully gelled with it as a group, but it went pretty well. And like I said, no glass was broken nor a call to 911 made.

Then came the solos. By this point, we were all SWEATY. It was HOT. It made changing costumes a bit harrowing, and then I *really* worried about looking all gross. But I had limited options so I just patted myself off and hoped for the best.

I was anxious about that "uh oh, can't get out of this now" feeling that I usually get when I dance solo right before my music starts, and this time, I have to say it didn't happen. It just couldn't have gone better. Am I the next Fifi Abdou? Well, no. But I felt great about my solo, and it just flowed. I didn't worry about "what should I do next?!" with the improvisation or have any awkward pauses. I just danced. And it felt fluid and wonderful. I felt happy.

That's my favorite of the photos. It captures my happiness and feeling of everything being right with the world. Unfortunately, there are 2 very bored looking guys right behind me in just about every shot, but in fairness, they are in other photos when other people are dancing and they look bored then too. I don't fathom how belly dancing can bore a person, but I'm not offended. Maybe that's just the way their face looks all the time? We'll go with that one.

All in all, I felt "on." My timing was good, my hips were snappy, and I felt like I was just dancing and interpreting the fun music rather than "this is the choreography I made, and I know I look a bit stiff duplicating it here" like I usually do.  I would *definitely* improvise again, and plan that for my future solos. I felt so much more relaxed and good about everything. Aside from the Bored Guys, the crowd was extremely enthusiastic and interactive. It was a great feeling. It reaffirmed why I love belly dancing so much, and why it has come to mean so much to my creative identity.

Afterward, I was a sweaty mess, but at least the photos still turned out ok. :) It was worth it. It was a great dancing night, and I treasure the memory.

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  1. Oh, now I see! I had thought you balanced the sword on your head by the hilt, and couldn't figure out how you managed it. This makes much more sense.

    You look like you're having a great time. Wish I could have seen you -- I think I would love belly dancing.


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