Friday, June 15, 2012

Big night tomorrow

Well, I'm as ready as I can be. My sword is all polished, my veil hanging in the bathroom to steam out the wrinkles. My costumes are all checked and ready, any sewing alterations long since done. I have new dance "shoes" that I love. They are these. They are called "underwear for your feet", how precious is that? I prefer to dance barefoot, but then I can't spin because I have too much traction. I usually wear half soles but lately I don't like them as much. They gap funny on my foot after a time and for performance I think they're too visible and distracting. These new ones you can barely see. They just go over your toes and have pads on the balls of your feet so that you can turn. Perfect.

Anyway, I've practiced and I'm ready. I'm hoping for all the things every belly dancer hopes for before a show:

No costume malfunctions.

No salacious comments or leering looks from audience members.

That I don't stab anybody or poke their eye out with my props.

That I don't drag my veil through somebody's glass of wine or worse, their appetizer that is inevitably a dip of some kind. Hummus? Baba ghanoush? The possibilities are endless.

That in the moment, I remember how to dance.

That I look like I'm having a great time, rather than like I'm in pain.

If we can accomplish the above, the night will be a resounding success.

One way or another, you'll find out on Monday. Because I'm going to tell you. Plus I'll probably post pictures, assuming I like them. No action shots of me panicking as my sword falls to the floor.

I AM looking forward to it. In my mid-thirties (don't laugh, 37 is still MID; no, I am not defensive) I truly feel like I have *arrived*. I'm happy. Life is good.

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