Friday, June 29, 2012


Henry ate a black bean last night. In fact, he ate several. This is big news, people.

In our Quest For Henry To Eat Dinner Like A Normal Person we acted all normal last night while we made black bean burritos, all the while knowing that Henry has proclaimed to not like black beans, although he has never actually eaten one. He always wants me to just melt some cheese in a tortilla for his "burrito." Well, he's catching on to the new plan, because he conceded the beans pretty easily last night. He did, however, request that I leave the cooked belly peppers and onions off of his.

I had no problem with the bell pepper, but the onions were pretty integrated, so I left those on and just didn't tell him.When he asked me about the pieces of onion that were clearly visible inside his burrito (because naturally, he had to peel it apart to check my work) I told him that they were "spices."

Yes, I lied to my child. Guilt that I feel regarding this confession: Zero.

He ate the burrito, beans and onions included. And as I knew would be the case, he liked it.

Victory is mine.

Anne also ate some beans, and even some chopped tomato. It was a family dinner success story.

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