Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My prayer arsenal

With my ongoing 54 day rosary novena, I was contemplating my little collection of rosaries and chaplets that I pray with regularly. Now, granted, the actual *prayers* are the most important thing here. But I'll be honest. I have a rosary fetish. As in, the actual, physical beads. I love them. And my collection isn't actually so little.

*unladylike snort*

I have a LOT of rosary beads. A LOT. I have them scattered throughout my house. Some in the kitchen, the living room, a set next to my bed, each of the children have *several* in their rooms. But I rarely use those.

The beads I use the most are small 1 decade chaplets. When I'm praying a regular rosary, I have a 1 decade "decina" chaplet that I use, which is the traditional 1 Our Father and 10 Hail Mary beads. This is my absolute favorite, and I use it just about every day:

 I bought this from the fabulously talented Carm at Unbreakable Rosaries. She is my absolute favorite rosary maker. I also have a full rosary that she made, and the beads are wrapped in copper, it's absolutely to die for. I don't have a picture of it, but I love this rosary too. I don't use it as often, because I simply find that I love the tiny little chaplets better since I'm usually praying the rosary in the car. It's easier to hold in my hand as I drive.  So this little chaplet pictured above is my all time favorite rosary. The beads are smooth and slip through my fingers so nice as I pray, and they're very sparkly and pretty. I also like the 4-way medal cross at the end. It's nice and compact and very light. The centerpiece is Our Lady giving the rosary to St. Dominic. It's my favorite. *kiss*

I also love specialized chaplets, and I think they make a nice addition to my prayer repertoire every once in awhile. I have several tucked into a little case in my purse. My favorites are:

Our Lady Star of the Sea. Carm also made this one, and some friends bought it for me 2 years ago. The beads are turquoise and deep, deep blue, making this chaplet just stunning, and fitting the sea theme so well. :) I love to pray this chaplet and ask for Our Lady's intercession for guidance on specific challenges I'm working through. It mainly consists of praying 12 Hail Marys, but full directions for praying the chaplet may be found here. This chaplet also has beautifully smooth beads and the physical experience of praying with them is so pleasing. I'm a knitter, I'm very tactile. :) Carm doesn't have any of these chaplets listed right now in her shop, but she makes them and posts listings for them often. You can also request that she make you a custom chaplet in whatever beads and medals she has in stock or can get access to.

Another chaplet that I pray often is St. Kateri Tekakwitha:

Cam made this for me, in her Full of Grace Creations shop. You pray 8 Our Fathers, 8 Hail Marys, and 8 Glory Be prayers in this chaplet, each prayer representing a year of St. Kateri's life. I love how the bead colors are very nature inspired, and these beads are made of stone; they are heavy and feel wonderful in your hand. I think Cam's shop is on vacation mode right now, but she'll be back, and she had more of these chaplets listed, so you can get yours too. :)

And...on it's way to it's new home right now is the newest addition to my prayer arsenal:

This is a 7 Sorrows of Mary Chaplet, and I can't wait for it to arrive! I just love the combination of the black and purple beads, and there is my favorite 4-way medal cross again. :) Instruction on this chaplet may be found here. When you pray this, you meditate on the 7 sorrows that Mary experienced during her life (prophecy of Simeon, flight into Egypt, child Jesus lost in the Temple, Jesus carrying the cross, etc.). I can't wait to begin using this one. :)

I also love rosary bracelets (available from both Carm and Cam's shops). I really wanted a new one, but I figured this is a want and not a need. I already own a handful of lovely rosary bracelets, and I wear one every day, but I can hold off. Very saintly of me, wouldn't you say?

So, even though rosaries and chaplets abound in my house and in my purse, I feel no guilt. At least they're cheaper than belly dance costumes, my other weakness. Well, there's also books, but those are also cheap, especially for my Kindle.

*feels very justified*

Anyway, I'm excited. Do you have any favorite chaplets that you pray on a regular basis?

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