Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just cute life stuff

"Honey, I really appreciate you and all that you do for me and the kids. I just wanted you to know that. I'm so glad that I don't have to share you."

"You've been watching Sister Wives again while I take Hank to soccer, haven't you?"

Well yes, I have. But that's not the point, now is it? :)

School is out for the summer, and happy, frolicking children abound in our home. Of the two children these days, Anne is actually the easier eater. She's suddenly decided that she no longer cares for pureed baby food, and just wants table food. This is great, I just wish it hadn't happened right after we stocked up on jarred baby food. But I digress. She eats cooked vegetables, cheese, crackers, fruit, all that good stuff. Henry, on the other hand, nearly passes out at the sight of a vegetable. Sigh. He does like fruit, but he ends up eating something different from what we eat far too often. He's 6. Should I be forcing the issue more now, or will he outgrow this?

Inquiring parental minds want to know.

Anne is just at a wonderful stage. She's into everything, but she's just a delight. Running around, giggling, being cute, it's just her full time job. Last summer, while I was on maternity leave, was just an idyllic time. Mike was home with me, and it was simply smashing. I will say though that I enjoy my children more when they're no longer newborns. :) I love them always, but the early baby days are tough on my psyche. With Anne being a toddler, things are so much fun.

Life is good.

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  1. to answer your question: yes and no

    You don't want to conjole, bribe, force, or anything like that to eat his vegetables, but....

    Tell him that you have a new policy. What is on his plate is what every else is eating too. He doesn't get anything special anymore.

    If he's hungry, he can make himself (key here is himself) a peanut butter/jelly sandwich or a bowl of cereal after everyone has completed their meals and left the table. (that's everyone including Anne)

    The rule is that the family eats the same meals (even Anne can do this now) at the same time. And if anyone else wants a snack they can do this outside of family meal time.

    It's the rule we use for our two year old. Course he can't make himself a sandwich, but he can get a piece of fruit afterwards.

    Saves you on the tug of war and forces him to think about eating a vegetable on pain of starvation. Even my toddler will try things on occasion.


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