Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Catechetical musings, and a cute Anne picture

Isn't she precious? I swear, just within the past month, she was a baby that happened to be doing all of these things that she looked too little to be doing. And overnight...she's a little girl. I don't know how this happened, but frankly I don't like it.

Anyhow, over the weekend, I had my last Children's Liturgy of the Word installment for this academic year, and since I mentioned that I was contemplating not participating again next year, I thought I'd post my concluding thoughts. I have to admit, the shine rubbed off of everything after Palm Sunday. It was not an experience to remember. That was by far the worst week. I've also had some good weeks, but I've also had many mediocre weeks.

And so it got me to thinking about whether or not this particular ministry is using my talents (such as they are) to their fullest. Maybe a different ministry would be better suited to me? Lectoring sounds appealing.

So, on Sunday I wasn't exactly looking forward to my assignment. We were set to discuss Matthias being chosen to replace Judas amongst the early disciples and Jesus' prayer for all of us prior to his ascension. went really well. Dang it! This makes my decision all the more difficult. :) But it did go well. I'd count it as one of my best weeks. No week has truly been a debacle or anything. But there have been weeks where I was *dying* to hear the organist chime up for the offertory hymn and I could skedaddle the little troublemakers out of there.

So, we'll see. I have some thinking to do this summer. Oohhh, it's all exciting, what will she do? :)

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