Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still sick...

*feels very weak*

Anne and I are still plugging along with our colds. She has reverted to being a sobbing terror in the evenings.

*pick Anne up* "WAHHHHHH!" *struggles to get down*

*put Anne down* "WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" *puts arms up*

Repeat ad nauseum.

But we're hanging in there. I'm lying low in my office today, writing a book review about the origins of examination of conscience as part of daily prayer, going through a gigantic spreadsheet of infrequently circulated religion titles for a proposed move to our off-site storage facility, and dealing with some student emails. I'm aiming for a quiet evening in which hopefully Anne will not be screaming. But that remains to be seen.

Hank had a Scholastic book fair today at school, and is all excited to show us his selections later. We're planning to watch a PBS series on the space program tonight. And I'm crocheting a cotton tank that is turning out quite adorably. Life is good.

I'm far too weak to practice my dancing in the evenings right now, but I'm hoping to be better prior to my balance class on Thursday. The hafla is now only a month away, and I'm starting to freak out about my oh-so-confident plan to improvise my solo. What was I thinking?!


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