Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back, and I'm hot

It's the unofficial start of summer, and as usual, I have a frown face. I know it's odd, but summer is actually my least favorite season. I hate being hot, and we don't have central air conditioning. Plus, I'm anti-social, and in the summer, everyone is out in their yards and want to talk to you the instant you step out of your house. It's just the season in which I am out of my comfort zone.

But we had a very nice weekend. We got some gardening done. I have a black thumb, so I try not to touch flowers and other plants lest I kill them. But we do have success each year growing tomatoes and peppers. We love the small cherry tomatoes, and those plants PRODUCE. With two plants, we get more tomatoes than we can use. The bigger tomatoes, on the other hand, don't like me, so I don't push that envelope. We don't want them influencing the other plants with their negativity. :) We also planted several types of bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, and lettuce. Out front, we finally put in a new small bush to spruce things up a bit and some mulch to hide the ugliness. Plus, I won't have to weed as much. I HATE weeding with the fire of a thousand suns. Another reason to dislike summer.

Happily, the heat wasn't bad this weekend. We don't have our window a/c units in yet in our bedrooms, and we didn't need to put them. We were fine with just our fans, including Anne. Who has been sleeping from her bedtime at 7:30 pm until 6:30 am every morning.

*angels sing*

Both children played very cute this weekend. Henry and I worked on a 3D four seasons puzzle (dreaming of autumn...) and Anne has been sucking on the faces of her new dolls. I could tell that Henry was wishing that he had a brother when he convinced Anne that she "enjoys" this new game whereby he charges into the room and tackles her to the floor. Also heard from the living room this weekend:

"*I* am Optimus Prime."

"Anne, you're Megatron."

*Transformation noise*

It was nice to be home more, and now it's a short work week, yay.

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