Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some cuteness

Anne has expressed an interest in going into my parent's pool, and so I got on the lookout today for a cloth swim diaper for her. I never end up using a whole package of the disposables, and I also always forget to buy them in the store. In this case, I thought cloth would be much preferable.

On etsy, I ended up getting her a little swimsuit, and the bottom is a swim diaper. The seller is called Lil' Stuff by KellyLulu. Super, super cute. Looking around on etsy made me want to switch to cloth entirely, but I doubt we'll do that now. If Anne were our first, I'd definitely give it a try. But at this point, I don't think the expense to get started would be worth it. I'm hoping to have Anne on a little pink potty by this time next year. :) That may not happen, but it's a good goal, I think. But once the babies start having solid poop, cloth seems like it would be manageable to me. We don't have to change Anne's diaper all that often now. Cloth with a newborn seems overwhelming to me, but I'm a wuss, so I'm not a good gauge.


  1. Ah, it's not that bad. Because of sleep deprivation, I usually use a blend of disposables and cloth at first. Then as the diapers leak, we usually switch completely over.

    After the first month or so, it's really easy. The poos are less frequent and so are the wets.

    Exclusively breast fed poo can just be washed as is. Don't have to scrape or spray unless you want to.

    When you start solids it's a little nutty, but by that point you've changed enough diapers...

    You can still switch over even at Ann's age. There are a number of retailers that offer trial packages or you buy a few flat diapers (even using a flannel sheet) and some covers. And that's it...you've just spent maybe 20 bucks and you can cloth diaper her indefinitely.

    People think it's so expensive and time consuming. It's really not if you don't buy the most expensive stuff and you have a washer and dryer already in your house.

    But I'm a biased source :)

    If you're really thinking about it and want to try it out, I am more than willing to send you some prefolds and a snappi if you're willing to throw about 17 bucks on two covers. You don't like em' I can always buy the covers back from you, and heck I'll even cover all the shipping expenses.

    Mull it over and send me an e-mail

  2. Well, I'm sure you know where I stand on cloth diapers, I love them! I can't imagine using anything else :)

    Although I'm actually going to try to poop-potty train Annamarie since I can tell when she's going. We'll see how that goes!


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