Thursday, May 24, 2012

Off for Memorial Day weekend...

I probably won't blog until next Tuesday since I'm of for a long holiday weekend. Mike and I have a fun morning of garden weeding planned for tomorrow while Anne naps (ha!) and plus we'll relax and generally spend time together. I'll be doing lots of knitting. I have some gifts I'm working on, plus my knitting group is about to start our summer knit-along. So fun! We're each going to be knitting the quite infamous Clapotis. Which is really just a shawl. But it's not just a shawl to knitters. :) I'm going to be making mine in a worsted weight harvest colored tonal yarn (the color is called "foliage" how fabulous is that?), and I'm really excited.

It's supposed to get really warm here this weekend and since Anne's room doesn't have standard sized windows, we're going to have to move her to our guest room in her pack 'n play so that she can be in a room with an a/c unit. I'm *really* praying that this doesn't interfere with her sleeping through the night, which she's been doing so well at. But if we leave her in her regular room, she'll only have a tabletop fan, and if it's uncomfortably warm, I can't imagine that would work well for her. Ugh. When the baby sleeps through the night NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO BREATHE lest it disturb the precious equilibrium. We'll see how this goes, sigh.

At any rate, have a great weekend, and talk to you all on Tuesday!

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