Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anne has her first molar, and other baby news

Last night, I awoke at about 4 am. Hark! What is that noise?

*baby cries*

I tried to go right back to sleep, since Anne sleeps through the night now, so this has to be a nightmare.

No such luck.

It was Anne. And she was pissed.

I did wait just a hair to see if she'd go back to sleep on her own, but that, of course, would be too simple. It goes without saying that she didn't. I head into her room to find her gnawing on the side of her crib. I checked her diaper, just to be sure she didn't sneak a poo in, and she hadn't. So I just held and rocked her for a time. She was pretty squirmy with her newly slimmed down legs kicking a lot, but she settled in, and I tucked her back to sleep. Unfortunately, she didn't actually fall asleep again right away, so we were all pretty tired this morning. Alas.

But this morning, I had a sneaking suspicion, and took a feel inside her mouth. I found a brand new lower molar through her gums. Eureka! She seemed in much better spirits when I left for work this morning.

But anyway, other exciting baby news. No, I'm not making an announcement, just so you know. :) My younger sister is expecting, which we've known about for some time. Very exciting. The other day she went in for her ultrasound and I was all anxious to know if she was going to find out the baby's gender. She was under strict instructions to call me after the ultrasound.

One hour goes by. Then two. I start to worry.

Suddenly...hark! The phone rings. I pounce on it.

"How did it go?"

"Um...not exactly as we were expecting."


What does that mean?! It can only be a girl or a boy, right?

Wrong. :)

She's having TWINS. Twin baby boys, to be exact.

We're incredibly excited. But equally terrified for her, of course. :) Her kids will play together *so well* though, it'll get easier and easier I think. I'm an eternal optimist.

So for me, of course, this means that I'm going to have to knit MORE and FASTER. I've been working on this, but my fingers can only move so fast.

Oh, and my record for gender prediction stands at 100%. I am *wrong* 100% of the time. I predicted girl for my sister. I was WRONG, WRONG, VERY WRONG.

Cam, I think you're having a girl. So if you indeed have a boy, my record will remain intact. :)

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