Friday, April 27, 2012

Somewhat soothed, albeit with a sore neck

I could just fall asleep right at my desk, if only my neck didn't hurt so much. I'll explain that in a bit. But despite the cumulative-effect exhaustion, we actually had a really good night last night. I think maybe the tide is turning. And if God decides to take this opportunity to teach me a lesson in humility I'll just cry. I'm already humbled by this sleep thing, I promise. I'm just looking for a ray of hope in a gloomy situation. The weekend will be a key indicator of things to come, and I'm cautiously optimistic.

But prior to our night, I had my prop balancing class. And it was FABULOUS.

It's just me and one other woman in the class, so we get lots of attention. :) Claire had me use her sword, and so away I went. She was working on balancing a tray with a hookah pipe on top for an upcoming performance, which was pretty entertaining. She wants to be able to smoke the tobacco from the pipe while it's atop her head, which means that she is a much, much braver woman than I.

Anyway, went really well! Apparently I'm a decent balancer. It certainly helps that dance swords are HEAVY. That's why my neck is sore, from supporting it for an hour. It also hurt my hair a bit, but no permanent damage. :) We drilled movements around the room, Claire joining us with her tray. We also worked on changing levels and doing floor work, which is a bit dicey with a sword on your head, as you might imagine. We all agreed that one has to be modest and discreet when doing floor work, since there is clearly a line when performing movements on the floor, and we've all seen people who have crossed that line. :) It's hard to define, but a violation is immediately noticeable. Anyway, by that point, all of our heads hurt, so we called it a night.

And this morning...I ordered a sword! Tremendously excited. for anybody else so in need of a weapon balanced for dancing. :) We're going to be working on a choreography for the upcoming hafla and I'm terribly excited.

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