Friday, April 13, 2012

Hanging in there... a thread, but I'll take it. Last night was less bad. That's one of my most commonly used phrases these days, "less bad." :) And a tooth appears to be *just* below the gum line. Please God, that it arrives this weekend.

She's so cute though, toddling around the house. Does this mean that she's a toddler now? *sniffle* I want her to still be a baby. She's MY baby, no matter what.

I have dance tonight, so hopefully I'll still be awake. Anne too loves to dance, and I cannot WAIT for her to be old enough for ballet. She bops around whenever I'm practicing in the kitchen after dinner. She's so totally precious.

Next week, I'm also going to start taking a 6 week prop balancing class at my dance studio. I'm SO excited. Me trying to balance a sword on my head while dancing is a bit of a scary proposition, but I think it'll be highly entertaining. Props make me nervous because I want to be in control of everything when I'm dancing, and sometimes they have a mind of their own. I'll be sure and report in.

But seriously, I love belly dance. LOVE it. I love the dance, but I also love the women that I dance with. They're such a blessing. And the studio is close to my house, so I'm never gone that long when I go. We have a hafla coming up in June, and I'm plotting out my solo. Terribly excited.

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