Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does the Gyrobowl gyro well when put to the test?

For quite awhile now, Henry has wanted to get Anne a Gyrobowl. Last time we were at the mall, he pulled me to the "As Seen on TV!" store and insisted that we should get Anne one for her Cheerios. According to the infomercial, this is the bowl from which no item will ever spill. Kids with snacks, dips at parties, little clips at work or nails for your home improvement project, all stay tight in the bowl even if you flip it upside down or throw it down the stairs due to its start of the art design.


We procured aforementioned Gyrobowl as an early birthday gift for Anne. We got it home. We filled it with Cheerios. I handed it to Anne.

She held it by the handle, and it spun just like in the commercial and the Cheerios stayed intact. I was impressed. She carried it for a few steps and then plopped down to attack the Cheerios. Holding the spheres in place with her pudgy little hand, she dumped the Cheerios out onto the floor.

Now, I couldn't blame that one on the Gyrobowl. That's called "user error." But clearly it's a loophole that is easy for any baby to figure out and still make a mess.

Next came the true test. As Anne ate Cheerios off the kitchen floor, Henry popped fresh ones into the Gyrobowl and and took it to the top of the stairs.

"Ok Mommy, here it comes, just like in the commercial!"

I heard an initial bump, followed by the unmistakable sound of Cheerios scattering down the stairs and onto the wood floor.

"Mommy. It doesn't work like in the commercial. This is very disappointing."

So there you have it.


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