Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A very happy Easter

Did you miss me? :)

I'm back at work, and catching up on emails from frantic students with overdue papers. I had to put up a vacation message on my email account since I noticed that I was getting so many while I was off that I didn't want them all to think that that I was snubbing them for waiting so long to write their papers. :)

We're getting there. But I had a very nice time being off. It was our first Easter with Anne and I wanted to enjoy every minute. 8 am found us at morning Mass (on not a whole night of sleep, sigh). Me in a new Easter dress with bright green shrug, Mike in khakis and a button down, Henry reluctantly in nice pants and a non-superhero print shirt, and Anne in a dress so big that anytime she fell while walking you could hear a little:


sound, followed by a collapse of taffeta and crinoline completely encircling her legs. She isn't too wild about wearing dresses. How can this be my daughter?!

The kids were both very good during Mass. Well, Anne had to be extracted at one point, but she was pretty tired. So were we, but we refrained from crying during the liturgy of the Eucharist. After Mass, we had breakfast at my in-laws, followed by a long nap by Anne and consequent peaceful time for Mike and I, baking of Easter ham and sweet potatoes, and watching of The Masters.

It was lovely. When everyone went home, we reveled in surviving another holiday celebration at our house. I don't get nearly so annoying about tornadoing around the house when it's just our parents coming over. When you add in siblings and aunts and uncles, that's when I really lose it and start dusting the crevices of the dining room chairs. I held it together pretty well here.

So now it's Easter season, and everything feels fresh and new. How was everyone's Easter Sunday?

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