Monday, April 16, 2012

The case of the missing shoe....

The weather is getting warmer around here, and to my mind, this means one thing: the battle between us, Anne, and her socks will return.

When the weather is cooler, we just keep her in a footed sleeper all the time. It's warmer, plus the sock thing Because if we put her in pants and a onesie, or shorts, etc., we always put socks on her so that her feet aren't bare. And socks are the bane of my existence with her.

Last fall, we put socks on her a lot so that she could wear the cute outfits people had bought for her. And we know how well that turned out. She's been wearing sleepers ever since.

Us (0), Anne and her socks (1).

Yesterday, it was particularly mild, and since it had rained, even a tad humid. We cracked a window, and worried that Anne might be too warm in her adorable fleeced sleeper with polar bear face feet. Mike changed her into a pink short sleeved onesie with cupcake print pants. Even though it was mild, I still worry about her feet getting cold. So I put a pair of socks on her. I don't care how far and how tight you pull those puppies up, they WILL be off her feet in minutes. This is where the shoes came into the picture.

A few weeks ago, in a trip to Carter's, we bought her a pair of pink sandals. But when we got them home, I realized they were way too big. She'll be able to wear them eventually, just not right away. Finally, we were at Payless yesterday since both Henry and I needed new shoes. And I picked up a pair of infant shoes for Anne in a smaller size, when I could actually measure her foot.

They're adorable. They're brown slipper-like shoes that hug her feet. And with them on, she won't be able to get her socks off. Huzzah!

I put them on her. She immediately sat down and tried to wrench them off her feet. No success. She then put her foot in her mouth and sucked on one for a few minutes, but eventually got up and walked. The little pitter patter sound as she made her way across the hardwood floor was absolutely precious. And her socks stayed on.

Us (1), Anne and her socks (1).

She played before dinner for a bit, and on stayed both the socks and shoes. Henry and Mike went out to get us a pizza for dinner, and I popped Anne into her high chair for some green beans and Cheerios while I waited.

By the time the men came back with the pizza, Anne was full and throwing Cheerios on the floor. I got her down and opened the cupboard full of Tupperware containers for her to play in while we ate. She plopped down there happily.

A few times while we ate, she toddled over to hand us something. And I had to fetch her from wandering into the bathroom a few times. After we finished, I scooped her up and took her into the living room to nurse.

She only had 1 shoe on. And 1 sock was halfway pulled off. Trimphantly.

Us (1), Anne and her socks (2).

I quickly backtracked our route from the kitchen. No shoe. I scanned the kitchen floor. No shoe. I even pulled everything out of the Tupperware cupboard. NO SHOE.

I nursed her, figuring that when I could dedicate some time to it, I'd find the shoe.

That, my friends, was a classic case of overconfidence.

Next thing you know, I'm crawling around on the kitchen floor, poking under the stove and into corners. I emptied the Tupperware cupboard again. NO FREAKING SHOE. This was now getting personal. Mike and Henry joined in the search. Heard from our kitchen as we searched:

"Did you look in the dishwasher?"

"How could it have gotten in the dishwasher?"

"I don't know, but she loves it in there."

"Anne, what are you...OW! Don't bite, Honey!"

"Could it have gotten under the refrigerator...OH GOD!! When was the last time we cleaned under here?!"

*crickets chirp*

"I don't remember either. Good God, it's REPULSIVE under here! We *have* to clean this."

"Could she have put it in the garbage?"

"God, I hope not, I just threw the garbage."

*short silence*

"You want me to go outside and check the garbage don't you?"

*10 minutes later*

"It's not in the garbage."

"Well, it's not in the sofa cushions either, but I did find that missing cake from her tea set."

"Anne, come here Honey. She's walking toward the bathroom! Maybe she'll lead us to it!"

We looked for that *insert your choice of naughty words here* shoe for 30 full minutes. Do you think we found it?


Us (1), Anne and her socks, (3)

Say a St. Anthony prayer for us, if you would.


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